Adventure to Universal Studios Hollywood

Since I live about 5 minutes away from Universal Studios Hollywood, my boyfriend, Jeff, and I decided to take advantage of their buy a day get a year free with NO blackout days. So here’s Day 1 of of this blackout free Universal year. =p

Sooooo, I went a bit Simpsons crazy.

HAHAHAHA! I love Ralphie!

The entrance to The Simpsons Ride.

It says “Milhouse ♥ Lisa”

I ran up and gave Homey a BIGGG hug!

At the end of The Mummy Ride. It was kinda a gay ride…. I do not recommend it.

Aaaaaand, he’s off!

Jeffy had to get a Bart sipper. Ain’t he a little cutie. =)

One of the effects for Fast and Furious.


Set from War of the Worlds.

HELL Yea! Bart and Lisa.

Hey guys, thanks for the Simpsons!!

YEPPPPPP! We had a good time. =D


22 thoughts on “Adventure to Universal Studios Hollywood

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