New Lip Piercing

So on Wednesday, I was walking around Hollywood & Highland, as they were getting ready for the Academy Awards, with Smash and Melody and I decided to get another lip piercing at Hollywood Zebra.

No one’s ever photographed me getting pierced or tattooed, so here it goes.

My lip freaking bled a crap load.

And the after shot.

The rest of my adventure in Hollywood & Highland with Smash and Melody.

Melody’s MEOW!

Smash’s skull on her leg.

We thought he was singing to someone’s window, but apparently he just decided to sing and play the guitar in an alley…

Queen Latifah was on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE.

My pretty baby Michelle greets people all cute in Alice In Wonderland costumes for Hot Topic.

P.S. I am in LOVE with the promo decorations of Alice In Wonderland at Hot Topic.

See you down the rabbit hole!!


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