A Day of Animals in LA

After a couple attempts, Jeff and I finally went to the LA Zoo yesterday. I haven’t been there since I was kid, and it is definitely a lot larger than I remember. It was sad to see that the Zoo isn’t able to really keep up with all the vegetation since there is such a wide range of space to take care of. The Zoo was fun though and here are some pictures we took of the cute animals:

What a pretty bird.

My cutieeee. ❤

Dancing spidey monkey.

He was the CUTEST little monkey!!

Poor turtle looked like he needed a body of water to play in.

They are SO pretty.

Baaaaa, biiiiilly goats.

How cute, he was holding his tail with his feet!


The hippo smelled his food.


One of the Zoo workers gave him water.

He was asleep behind those logs when we first walked up.

The ones inside the cave were hugging.

She has a baby, and the look at the long hair. How special!

Lemurs are cute.

King of the jungle.


My favorite type of stripes!

There were kangas, but no roos!

Koalas are like little Aussie bears.

This was in one of the displays. A bit morbid for a zoo in my opinion.


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