Coachella Fest 2010 – Day 2

I arrived late to Coachella later than the first day and the only artist I really saw was MGMT, but here are the photos I took from day 2:

My outfit during the daytime.

The orange bubblehead man is fistpumping!

BJ Panda Bear

Aw, she was a bunny!

Coachella 2010 shirts

Beers with Nemo in VIP.

Oh yeaaaa, give me lovin!

Jeffy with Key Club people.

She has such a pretty smile!

When MGMT was playing!

And now I am off to start getting ready for the last day of Coachella. ¬†Hopefully I don’t get too wasted and pass out early again! AH!


2 thoughts on “Coachella Fest 2010 – Day 2

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