Coachella Fest 2010 – Day 3

Coachella has come and gone and now I am back in home sweet LA. Looking back on the final day at the festival, it definitely blew the previous two days away not necessarily due to the music although I did see some great artists. First of all, I copped a photo with David Faustino, or more commonly known as “Bud Bundy” on the 90’s TV series “Married With Children,” which is kind of strange if you don’t know that already, and then within minutes later, I ran into none other than Mr. Russell Simmons himself!!! I was SO stoked I had ask for a photo op. As for artists went, I saw a bit of Orbital, which I am now a fan of, Thome Yorke, Plastikman, which won me over as well, and the beginning of Gorillaz. When they started to play “Sunshine In A Bag” and heard Del‘s vocals, I got really excited and wanted to run back inside, but then I realized that if he was at Coachella, I would have already known that and got bummed aha. As for fashion goes, my favorite trend on the ladies this weeked were the intricate feather headpieces looking very Native-American-spirited Hippie. Here are the photos from Day 3:

Always end up in black for some reason.

Yea, ROCK that Hawaiian kilt mister!

She was shy at first.

OK, uhhh… I understand it was hot and all, but a using a lei as a scrunchie is a HUGE WTF WERE YOU THINKING?!

I got the Bud Light hat man, so I had to get the Coors hat man too.

If anyone knows her name, please tell me because she is amazingly gorgeous!!!

I am in LOVE with her headpiece.

All Coachella‘ed Out!

Her boots.  I love her boots.

It’s Eddie.  I had to take a picture of him haha.

Aw, these bebes with the headphones are just so damn adorable.

David Faustino, or Bud Bundy

Jeff had to do a fistpump with him.

Oh, Mr. Russell Simmons!!!  SO great!

I liked her daisy headband.  It’s very EDC felt.

Ew, GROSS.  Passed out in the Playstation HQ tent.

This one is for Mikey.

This is the light installment at the back of the Sahara tent.

My friend Eric

James and Eric always trying the cover his face, but yet he’s smiling.

What Eric?  What are you trying to tell me?!

Thome Yorke

I think this light installation was there last year too.

One of the visuals during Plastikman.

HAHA, I told him to go take a pic with MJ and he did!


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