Banksy’s Return to LA

To begin his North American tour and the premiere of his documentary, UK artist Banksy returned to Los Angeles with his first piece showing up between 4th and La Brea mid last month.

His second piece showed up downtown across the street from the Eastern building.

After Los Angeles, Banksy travelled north to San Francisco.

The Bay Area folks got really lucky because Banksy decided to throw up extra pieces along Fisherman’s Wharf and Alcatraz!

After San Francisco, it seems that Banksy travelled up to Canada to paint on the walls of Toronto.

Continuing his North American tour, Banksy visited Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, and Boston.

His most recent stop is in New York City opening with an “I Heart NY” piece on Cedar Street between Greenwich and Trinity.

His second piece in NYC is in DUMBO at the corner of Water and Jay Street.

His third piece appeared in SoHo on Bleeker at Bowery.

His next piece in NYC is found in Chinatown on Allen Street between Canal Street and Division Avenue.

Apparently, Banksy is still in NYC because another piece appeared today in Harlem.

I will keep you updated with any new pieces that show up on the streets.


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