Tyra Banks Returns to IMG

Last week, 36-year-old Tyra Banks announced that she is returning to work with international model management firm IMG leading people to question if she will be retuning to the runway after her retirement back in 2005. As news is being released, it seems that Tyra will be working more on the spokeswoman side lending her name and image to brands that she believes in and will be staying away from the runway.

Tyra said, “The last time I was with IMG, I was set on taking on the modeling world in the high fashion and commercial sectors. Now I’m dreaming even bigger, but this time for my company as well. Aligning myself with brands that I believe in, and helping them achieve the kind of success they’re looking for, helps all of us as we grow our businesses.”

IMG Senior Vice President Ivan Bart added, “IMG will help expand her relationships with companies through endorsements, and will assist her in developing business relationships with sponsors whose missions she feels strongly about.”

On another note, Tyra is also in the works of launching a fashion and beauty portal by the end of this year.


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