LG for Versace

Versace and LG have teamed up to create the Versace Unique LG Mobile Phone for a new Haute Fashionable Technology. Starting at the high $6,000’s, the Versace Unique features a 5MP camera, Dolby Mobile surround sound, a sapphire crystal touch screen, which is the largest of its kind to ever be released, immune to scratches, and highly receptive, a handworked leather back featuring Versace‘s medusa logo, and either 18k yellow gold or 316L stainless steel on the front.

In a press release, Versace Group Chief Executive Officer Gian Giacomo Ferraris said, We are excited about Versace Unique. Our team has worked well with our partners at Modelabs to manufacture a very innovative product which perfectly blends luxury materials, craftsmanship and the advanced technologies of LG. As we move forward in the development of our business, we are particularly happy to be able to strengthen the offer of luxury accessories that complement our core fashion products in line with Versace’s DNA.”

How sexy are these phones?!  I am definitely favoring the black one. =)


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