Picasso and Matisse All Over LACMA

I visited LACMA, Los Angeles Country Museum of Art, today with Jeff and discovered an exhibit filled with Picasso and Matisse!! I was absolutely inspired with their use of color and shapes. I also saw the Tibetan exhibit filled with many trunks and statues. I didn’t get a chance to visit all the exhibits currently on view, but here are my favorites from what I saw today:

This little guy made me laugh.

This was attached to a panel with two other skulls.

“.30 Bullet Piercing an Apple” by Harold Edgerton

Pablo Picasso:

“Still Life w/ Fruit Dish”

Isn’t this wonderful?

“Head of a Jester”
I snapped this right before they said no photos!

Henri Mattisse:

Top – “Seascape (La Moulade)”; Bottom – “Seascape (Beside the Sea)”


“Irregular Forms: Creation” by Frantisek Kupka
Ooh, look at all the pretty colors and the movement of those forms is just beautiful!

“History As A Planter” by Edward Kienholz

I thought this was meant to be one complete work, but they ended up being separate.
Left – “The Ballantine” by Franz Kline; Right – “Here I (to Marcia)” by Barnett Newman

“Toward Disappearance” by Sam Francis

“Persona Che Guarde” by Michelangelo Pistoletto”
Thanks for making me look wide duuude haha.

“Cold Shoulder” by Roy Lichtenstein
The skin was painted white with red polka dots.  I love how it’s blended in this photo.

“Old Woman at the Window” by George Segal

“Apocalyptic Landscape” by Ludwig Meidner
I love the use of blue in this painting.

“The Orator” by Magnus Zeller

“Portrait of Dr. Felix J. Weil” by George Grosz

Jain Shrine – made of wood w/ pigment

Dancer’s Headpiece Representing the Hindu Goddess Kali – made of wood w/ pigment

Royal Processional Cart – made of ivory


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