The Study of Caring for Magical Muggles?

As a HUUUGE Harry Potter enthusiast, it is refreshing to see 20-year-old Emma Watson, who plays Hermione in the HP phenomenon, taking a break from her grueling acting career to study at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island rocking a whole new look!

Not only is she a serious full-time student, she just landed the role of creative advisor for the fair trade designer and manufacturer People Tree. She has also recently been featured in the spring/summer 2010 Burberry campaign alongside her younger brother Alex.

Who said you cannot be a full-time student while building your career? Emma obviously proves that it’s possible!

But anyways, what do you think of her new hairdo?!


3 thoughts on “The Study of Caring for Magical Muggles?

  1. Harry potter and the deathly hallows is actually one of the movies which have been a blockbuster for the past weeks for there are people today who are truly waiting around for this movie. So take a friend and watch and enjoy!

  2. Kat, I dunno. I read the enirte column, which you kindly linked, and I thought he found joy in a lot of things – including a fantasy series which I thought would appeal to you, since you vaccillate between the Left (“I have a huge pile of unread books!”) and the Right (“I have nothing to read! Someone please recommend something to read!!”). He found joy in art, joy in an event he hadn’t planned to attend, and joy in the prospect of bringing his daughter with him next year to the same event.That’s more joy than I’ve been seeing lately, for sure.

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