A Faded Sunday

Yesterday, I went to the final day of the 2nd Annual THC Expose at the LA Convention Center and the 2nd night of HARD presenting the Bloody Beetroots with Sinden, Jokers of the Scene, Designer Drugs, and Destructo at the Palladium in Hollywood. I thought the THC Expose was definitely a step up from last year showing a wider range of uses of marijuana in the form of hemp and such, different and quite innovative products for one to medicate, numerous talented artists, and an interesting variety of entertainment.

As for the Bloody Beetroots, they of course pounded out all their big songs as well as breaking out on the drums and guitar for some hardcore/metal songs. As for the crowd that attended the show, all I can say is, our generation is DOOMED. I did have a good time though with Mikey, and Tarek and Steve came out to play as well! Here are some photos from the night:

Mikey and Tarek


What a bunch of coconuts!

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SewDown @ Lot 613

As part of Spring LA Fashion Week 2010, I attended SewDown tonight downtown at Lot 613 with Jeff for the runway show. I really liked the venue because there’s a lot of space to work with. I’ve been there one other time when Media Contender and HARD presented Rusko Live. Although I like the venue, the production was pretty poor in my opinion. The room that held the runway was way too cramped and cluttered with vendors when a lot of those vendors could have fit outside. ┬áMaybe they should have just held the runway outside since there is a lot more room to groove outside. The catwalk looked quite filthy and unpolished. A lot of the female models looked like they were having difficulties walking in heels, which I feel is EXTREMELY important as a model and strange as a female, and the male models looked very uncomfortable in their skin. My thoughts on each designer is below along with the images from the show, but all in all, I would have to say the show was mediocre. Maybe I just have too high expectations for others. It’s not like I was expecting this huge, elaborate production, but I was expecting to see a show that’s polished and not so sloppy. I would also like to see more creativity please!

This band opened the show. Although the singer looked cute with her pink pigtails, I would have enjoyed the music more if se had better stage presence. She had an entire catwalk to utilize as her stage and she barely took advantage of the space, and the only reason she slightly moved forward was because a production person told her to. She also looked up almost the entire time making insincere contact with the audience.

Sloane & Tate is supposed to be menswear inspired women’s lingerie, but it just looks like undesigned muscle tanks and booty shorts…

The designers of Sloane & Tate.

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