Hieroglyphics @ Key Club

This past Sunday, the 23rd, Marvel vs Capcom 3 brought us Hieroglyphics at the Key Club in West Hollywood featuring Aplus, Opio, Phesto, Pep Love, and Casual with DJ Toure and Domino on the one’s and two’s. Here are some photos from the show:

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Icarus Witch @ Key Club

On Wednesday, January 5th, Icarus Witch opened for Paul Di’Anno, the original vocalist of Iron Maiden, at the Key Club in West Hollywood. I wasn’t able to stay for Paul Di’Anno, but I snapped a couple photos of Icarus Witch:


V43 Denim Launch @ Key Club

On Thursday, December 9th, 2010, V43 Jeans launched their new denim line by showing the line at Key Club in West Hollywood. Here are some of the looks from the line:

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