Miss Buckley – the Ones2Watch

Publication: the Ones2Watch
Editorial: “Miss Buckley”
Photographer: Alice Rosati
Stylist: Roberta Venturini
Model: Beata S. (WHY NOT)
Hair & Makeup: Luciano Chiarello
Prop Styling: Annalisa Nieddu

What really drew me to this editorial are the round, black-frame glasses in the image above. My favorite pair of sunglasses had that type of frame, but they broke and I have yet to find another pair.

I also love the 1950’s feeling channeling the lovely Miss Audrey Hepburn, who is one of my idols like so many others.

(via theones2watch)

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Lisa Porter – The Ones2Watch

Skirt, GEMMA SLACK. Chiffon blouse, CHOCHENG. Earrings, cuffs, ALEXIS BITTAR. Leggings, WOLFORD. Heels, GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI.

Publication: TheĀ Ones2Watch
Editorial: Neon Lights
Photographer: Jason Kim
Model: Lisa Porter (MUSE)
Stylist: Davis Carrasquillo
Make-Up: Sophie Ono
Hair: Tressa Degiorgi

Left – Strapless scuba bra top, parade drummer hat, L’ARMOIRE DU STYLISTE. Earrings, cuff, ring, ALEXIS BITTAR. Right – Knit necklace, HALDER ACKERMAN. Neon bracelet, ALEXIS BITTAR. Leggings, WOLFORD. Heels, GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI.

Emphasizing volume, color, shape, form, and movement, Canadian model Lisa Porter is featured in an editorial entitled “Neon Lights” for the Ones2Watch shot by photographer Jason Kim. I really like the use of the different types of shapes and materials from the drummer hat to the stuffed cubes.

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Imbue – The Ones2Watch

Jacket, RM by ROLAND MOURET. Dress, BURBERRY. Skirt, Alexander McQueen.

Publication: The Ones2Watch
Editorial: Imbue
Photographer: Amarpaul Kalirai
Model: Bara (STORM)
Stylist: Roselyn Laine
Make-Up: Holly Bellm
Hair: Mark Hampton

Left – Dress, VIKTOR & ROLF. Top, CHRISTOPHER KANE. Leggings, MISSONI. Shoes, Alexander McQueen. Right – Jacket, Alexander McQueen. Swimsuit, EMILLIO PUCCI. Tights, JONATHAN ASHTON.

In many gorgeous pieces by the legendary designer Alexander McQueen, Bara is featured in an editorial entitled “Imbue” for the Ones2Watch shot by photographer Amarpaul Kalirai. I really enjoy this neutral background because it really emphasizes all the pieces.


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Xiya Xu – The Ones2Watch

Left – Jacket, GF FERRE. Right – Jacket, ALICE McCALL. Bodysuit, MARNIE SKILLINGS. Gloves, COUNTRY ROAD. Cuffs, MANIAMANIA.

Publication: The Ones2Watch
Editorial: The Beginning of the End
Photographer: Terence Chin
Model: Xiya Xu (VIVIEN’S)
Stylist: Pip Vasset
Hair & Make-Up: Jasmin Lo (2C)


Although I am one hundred percent Asian myself, for some reason, I think Asians are a bit strange looking and awkward, but Chinese model Xiya Xu looks quite stunning in this editorial for The Ones2Watch by photographer Terence Chin for an editorial entitled “The Beginning of the End.”

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Ramblin’ Woman – The Ones2Watch

Publication: The Ones2Watch
Photographer: Krzysztof Herholdt
Editorial: Ramblin’ Woman
Model: Ida (2PM)
Stylist: Alexandra Carl
Hair & Make-Up: Mette M.

I really like this editorial because it looks very high fashion and I am a huge fan of black and leopard print pieces, which this editorial is full of.

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Rachel Blais & Luke Worrall – The Ones2Watch

Left – Jacket, NORMAN RENE DEVERA. Right – Jacket, ROCOCO LONDON.

Publication: The Ones2Watch
Photographer: Dimitris Theocharis
Editor: Charles Adesanya
Editorial: Amber
Model: Rachel Blais (PREMIER) & Luke Worrall (d1)
Hair: Hamilton Stansfield
Make-Up: Norah Nona

Gold jacket, NORMAN RENE DEVERA. Feather necklace, ANN-SOFIE BACK.

Utilizing a bright orange backdrop, 25-year-old Canadian supermodel Rachel Blais and 20-year-old British male model Luke Worrall look very vibrant and eye-catching in blacks for this “Amber” editorial.

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“Concrete & Clay” – The Ones2Watch


Publication: The Ones2Watch
Photographer: Alan Foreman (ARTISTIC CUBE)
Editor: Lindsey Eden Turner
Editorial: Concrete & Clay
Stylist: Caitlin M. Ryan
Hair & Make-Up: Willow Witten

Vintage top, overalls, sandals, MADEWELL. Bangles, LUXE APOTHETIQUE.

Mary looks very young and pretty, and she is rocking that pink in her hair. Although she looks quite young, she definitely knows how to model and work her body into beautiful poses with the last image being my favorite.

Vintage hat, top, HL-LINE. Whistle, BETSEY JOHNSON. Trousers, FACTORY BY ERIK HART.

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