LA Art Show


Last weekend, the LA Art Show was in town at the LA Convention Center. I know convention centers are created to be versatile, but I am always excited to see how the space is transformed each time. The Art Show this year incorporated a lot more artists that utilize pop culture and street techniques, which is definitely a welcomed change next to all the traditional and classic works. Here are some of my favorite pieces from the show:


DSC09227ht    DSC09226ht

DSC09237ht   DSC09236ht

DSC09231ht    DSC09232ht DSC09239ht    DSC09240ht

Ughh, this life of dragging arms is so tiring.

DSC09243ht    DSC09244ht

I see you taking your selfies.

DSC09246ht    DSC09247ht DSC09248ht    DSC09249ht DSC09250ht    DSC09251ht DSC09252ht    DSC09253ht DSC09257ht
These x-ray ones were some of my favorites.

DSC09254ht    DSC09259ht DSC09255ht
Larry David on vacay in Hawaii.

DSC09260ht    DSC09262ht DSC09256ht
The smaller ones were TVs painted on and the TVs were on.

Yes please, this is my kind of necklace.

DSC09264ht    DSC09266ht
Oh yea, fuck you too guys.

DSC09267ht    DSC09272ht DSC09269ht
The image was made from nails.

My mind. Atthid please.

Jokers of the world, unite. Put your pink smiles on.

DSC09278ht    DSC09280ht DSC09281ht
Can you see me now? Is this ass enough?

Every image of Andy Warhol should include a glitter skull.

DSC09284ht    DSC09287ht
I was beyond excited to run into a corner with Billy Morrison pieces and a collab guitar with Greg Auerbach.

DSC09288ht    DSC09289ht DSC09291ht   DSC09294ht

I call this one Daft Punk, but with a female.

When you get lost and don’t want to be found

DSC09296ht    DSC09297ht DSC09298ht    DSC09299ht DSC09300ht    DSC09301ht DSC09303ht


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